MP3 1.0
This is the Doxygen document for ECE391 MP3.
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file  debug.h [code]
 Macros for debugging.
file  exception_handler.c
 Exception handler functions.
file  exception_handler.h [code]
 Header file for exception_handler.c.
file  file_descriptor.c
 Implementations for file descriptors.
file  file_descriptor.h [code]
 Header function for file_descriptor.c.
file  filesystem.c
 Functions for reading and accessing the MP3 file system.
file  filesystem.h [code]
 Header file for filesystem.c.
file  i8259.c
 Functions to interact with the 8259 interrupt controller.
file  i8259.h [code]
 Header file for i8259.c.
file  idt.c
 IDT (interrupt descriptor table) initialization function. Originally in kernel.c.
file  idt.h [code]
 Header file for idt.c.
file  kernel.c
 The C part of the kernel.
file  keyboard.c
 Functions for keyboard inputs and buffers.
file  keyboard.h [code]
 Header file for keyboard.c.
file  lib.c
 Basic library functions (printf, strlen, etc.)
file  lib.h [code]
 Header file for lib.c and helper macros.
file  multiboot.h [code]
 Defines used in working with Multiboot-compliant bootloaders (such as GRUB)
file  paging.c
 Paging related functions.
file  paging.h [code]
 Header file for paging.c.
file  pcb.c
 Implementations for pcb (process control block)
file  pcb.h [code]
 Header file for pcb.c.
file  rtc.c
 Implementations for RTC (real time clock)
file  rtc.h [code]
 Header function for rtc.c.
file  scheduling.c
 Code for PIT initialization and scheduler interrupt.
file  scheduling.h [code]
 Header file for scheduling.c.
file  sys_call.c
 System call Implementations.
file  sys_call.h [code]
 Header file for sys_call.c.
file  terminal.c
 Functions related with terminals.
file  terminal.h [code]
 Header files for terminal.c.
file  tests.c
 All test cases and the test suit entry point.
file  tests.h [code]
 Header file for test.c.
file  tss.c
 TSS (task state segment) initialization function. Originally in kernel.c.
file  tss.h [code]
 Header file for tss.c.
file  types.h [code]
 Defines to use the familiar explicitly-sized types in this OS.
file  x86_desc.h [code]
 Defines for various x86 descriptors, descriptor tables, and selectors.